Summer Exhibition 2016 at the Royal Academy

Date posted: 1st June 2016

Atkins' image Aimless 5791 has been selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016. Depicting a 'barred route, a threshold of the fertile and desolate', this photograph is taken from his recent series Aimless, a body of work concerning his fascination with the journey, and the 'elegant and desolate' landscape.

Down in the shallow air of the unused dawn, I step from the boat and stand aimless on the rotting dock. The sea ground about the island, lazily dismantling its sweltering form. Through the wondering hours I journeyed across the yellowing land, noting verticals, losing horizons, until I found no path leading to the sea. The barred route, a threshold of the fertile and desolate, lay before me, effortlessly yielding to an unheating sun and unenthusiastic verdure. Along this unparalleled decaying way, stretching out across a forbidding, crystal plane, I am drawn towards and prevented from going nowhere.

Exhibition dates: 13 June — 21 August 2016

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Marc Atkins Liquid City

Liquid City

by Marc Atkins and Iain Sinclair

Date posted: 01 June 2016

Second expanded edition

Reaktion Books have published a second expanded edition of Liquid City.

Liquid City documents the collaboration between Marc Atkins and Iain Sinclair and their eccentric, manic, often moving explorations of London's hidden streets, cemeteries, canals, parks, pubs and personalities. Consisting of striking, atmospheric photographs by Atkins, including many new additions, and with a new introduction by Sinclair, the book focuses on London's eastern and southeastern quadrants. An array of famous and lesser-known writers, booksellers and film-makers slip in and out of Sinclair's annotations, as do memories and remnants of the East End's criminal mobs, as well as physical landmarks as diverse as the Thames Barrier and Karl Marx's grave in Highgate Cemetery.

  • Dimensions: 216 × 138 mm, 224 pages
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9781780235837
  • Illustrations: 200 illustrations
  • Published: 01 June 2016

Publisher: Reaktion Books
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Exhibition Catalogue – now available to buy online

Exhibition Catalogue

Date posted: 16th October 2015

An A4 size, 112 page full colour catalogue.

£15 - unsigned edition
£20 - signed by Marc Atkins

In this beautifully produced book, depicting over one hundred of Atkins' images, most never before published, this potent tome goes beyond being a catalogue of Atkins' incredible images.

Alongside these compelling pages are essays by some of the top critics, historians and artists working today, including Louis Armand, Paul Buckley, Sophie Gilmartin, Michael Hrebeniak, John Kinsella, Jock McFadyen, Rod Mengham, Jonathan Monroe, Clive Phillpot, Tadeusz Pióro, Evie Salmon, Nikki Santilli, Iain Sinclair, Martin Solotruk and Michel Delville.

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VLAK magazine publication

Date posted: 1st May 2015

VLAK is an international curatorial project with a broad focus on contemporary poetics, art, film, philosophy, music, science, design, politics, performance and new media.
In the latest issue, issue 5, Marc has ten pages of images and one of text.
Also included is work by Marina Abramović, Louis Armand, Ulli Freer, John Kinsella, Drew Milne and Marjorie Welish.

Edited by Louis Armand, Pam Brown, David Vichnar, Olga Pek, Stephen Mooney, Larry Sawyer, Steven J. Fowler, Jeroen Nieuwland, Ali Alizadeh, Michael Brennan, Edmund Berrigan, Jane Lewty
Paperback, 664pp
Publication date: May 2015

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VLAK - Marc Atkins
VLAK - Marc Atkins
VLAK - Marc Atkins
VLAK - Marc Atkins